About SOS

The Save Our State Parks (SOS) Campaign is a statewide, grassroots campaign to keep California’s magnificent state parks open and available- now and into the future. In partnership with organizations, businesses, local governments, and individuals around the state, the California State Parks Foundation is leading SOS Campaign activities and generating awareness and action about threats of parks closures, service reductions and unacceptable budget proposals.

Since 2008, California’s state parks have faced multiple park closure proposal, threats to eliminate lifeguards from state beaches and a barrage of other challenges. The SOS Campaign has rallied tens of thousands of supporters and was successful in defeating closure proposals in both 2008 and 2009. In 2011, the Legislature and Governor enacted budget cuts that resulted in the planned closure of one-quarter of California’s state parks. Although legislative action in late 2012 provided some relief and avoided park closures entirely, the SOS Campaign continues to speak up and work to create a better future for California’s 280 state parks.

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Save Our State Parks Campaign
California State Parks Foundation, Sacramento Office
TEL: (916)442-2119
FAX: (916)442-2809
1510 J Street, Suite 220
Sacramento, CA 95814

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Campaign Endorsers
The following groups have officially endorsed the Save Our State Parks Campaign.

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Business Groups/Associations

Local Government

  • City Councilmember Christina Strawbridge – Benicia, CA
  • City of Gardena Recreation & Human Services Department
  • John Merz, City of Chico, Planning Commission
  • Linda Seifert, Solano County Board of Supervisors, District 2
  • Thida Cornes, Parks and Rec Commission, Mountain View

Chambers of Commerce

Convention & Visitors Bureaus

Film Commissions


Individual Endorsers: 25,000