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Golf Club Buying Guide Overview

Golf Club Buying Guide Overview

Golf stands out as a popular and widely played sport today. Whether you have played golf for years or hardly touched a cub makes no difference. Buying golf equipment is quite a challenge. This gave buying guide helps assemble the perfect set that will deliver fun during the process. As you shop for new golf equipment, remember to look for the right kit. Here are some senior golf club reviews that help guide when picking the right equipment.


golf ballLearn and Understand

Start by identifying your level of activity or handicap. You can get more information on the basics by doing an online search. If you are a first-timer, email local golf clubs or read their blog sections to get insights on what is the right set. Golfing rules max the number of equipment one can carry in their golf bag – just about 14. A basic set comprises of a drier, hybrid, fairway wood, wedge, iron set, and putter.


Baseline Set

Starting with the clubs in a baseline set, you can choose equipment judging by your ability. Despite being listed in the baseline, there are endless possibilities when creating a set of clubs. It all depends on your preferences and how best you treat different clubs.


Club Versions

Long irons can be replaced with wooden or hybrid versions. Wood can even be replaced by iron. A given number of wedges can then be put inside the bag. Here are just a few ways of switching the bag contents. The most confusing part when shopping for the right clubs is the terminology used. Try to understand the terminology used when buying the components, as they will directly affect your gameplay.


golfingWhat does the Club Comprise of?

On understanding the basis of what a set is, we can dive into greater detail on what to examine. The four main golf club categories are wedges, putters, wood and iron. They have components common to modern-day golf clubs.

Grip – This rubber component runs over the last eight inches of the golf shaft allowing the user to hold onto it. It is no surprise when you see clubs identified as midsize, oversize or standard when it comes to grip. The right grip depends on the size of the player’s hand. There are different textures, colors, and designs available in the market that help with grip.

Shaft – The grip rests just above shaft – which is equally important. As a cylindrical piece of metal or graphite, the length depends on which club gets installed. Designed as a cylindrical part and comprising of either metal or graphite, it has different flex varieties. This means it can be stiffer or flexible depending on the flex. The clubhead is key when factoring in your swing. The stiffness levels are marked by letters.

Hosel – As the main connection between the clubhead and the shaft, the hosel controls the lie angle. This is the angle between the shaft and the club head. Adjustable hosels help player’s remove their shafts from the clubheads. They have remained in production since 2009 and are exclusively present in fairway woods, driveways, and other hybrids.…