Useful Home Remedies for Acne


Acne happens to be a common skin problem in the universe affecting a large percentage of people. Treating acne can appear too costly as well cause negative effects such as dry skin, bring itchiness and the face becoming reddish.

Due to this condition, a lot of people search for ways on how to heal acne the natural way while in the comfort of their home. More so, on the internet, you will find a lot of ways to use. You would as well like to know whether natural remedies do really work. In this article, you will find different home remedies to treat acne that can be of great benefit.

Apply lemon and egg face mask

a lady applying egg maskThis remedy is a perfect multipurpose for acne which helps any kind of skin. All you have to do to; start by squeezing the lemon, then add the juice to the beaten egg white, apply it on your face, let the mask rest throughout the night as you sleep.

Then in the morning, clean the face using warm water. Make sure that you avoid the mixture of the uncooked egg not to enter your eyes and the mouth too.


Use of honey mask

When using this mask, first you wash the face using warm water for you to clear the pores. After that, apply the honey on your face and let it stay for half an hour. Wash out the honey by use of warm water, and then wash off yet again using cold water so that you close your pores.

Cucumber mask

Cucumber is a locally available remedy on the market. To prepare the mask, first, you start by blending a piece of cucumber then add a cup of oatmeal, after that add a teaspoon of yogurt then apply the mask to the face. Let it stay on your face for half an hour then wash off with warm water.

 Yogurt and yeast mask

This remedy is good for oily skin. Mostly oily skin tend to have acne. This remedy helps decrease the extra oil in your face. Thus, assist in getting rid of the acne. So for you to come up with the mask, you add a teaspoon of yeast together with small plain yogurt to come up with a heavy blend. Then you massage carefully around oily parts then allow it to stay for a moment. Then you wash it well using warm water then finish with cold water.